Search Engine Optimisation Services

All SEO projects are unique and our plans reflect this. Contact us with a budget, plan and timeframe and let us maximise your Internet presence, online brand and sales. We also audit other SEO or internet marketing companies as required.

  • Strategic Advice & Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Link Building Advice
  • SEO Training
  • All Audits Imaginable

Targeting search engine users and merging commonly used keywords into your regular website is only one phase of the project and will only ever get you so far. We prefer to maintain clients for as long as it takes to get them to their desired ranking, be it top 5, top 10 or Number 1. We are even happy to pass on the knowledge of SEO and let you rank your own sites with our SEO training services!

Do we guarantee search engine rankings?

We don’t guarantee top rankings, but we do guarantee we will not stop until we achieve the agreed outcome. We don’t take on many clients and when we do they receive our full attention and effort. We believe this is what set’s us apart and allows our continued success.

Anyone offering guaranteed rankings is doing so against SEO best practices and also Google's guidelines. Nobody can guarantee results unless they are ranking you on easy search terms that nobody is competing for. So be forewarned!

Why are our prices high?

Easy. We make money. Naturally we are very busy and our prices reflect the fact we offer a superior, boutique service. We operate revenue generating websites ourselves and may share a unique insight into web marketing. We wear no hats and play in most waters, as affiliates, for clients, as joint ventures, and on our own businesses, local and internationally.

Our web marketing packages start at $2500SGD per month and this is a full service organic optimisation by Industry experts. All planning and consulting is charged at $250SGD per hour (this generally includes detailed quotes). This includes creative link building advice and a money back guarantee on success, provided you have the the right resources, time-frame and are realistic about what is achievable. So if you're a dreamer, please take your business elsewhere!

What is the typical process for our services?

Initially research your entire market or sector and identify targets, benchmarks, goals and objectives for your project. then build a detailed list of directives to optimise your website and build traffic and sales. Covering all SEO services from link building to designing SEO friendly Content Management Systems.

Get noticed with premium web site marketing plans targeted to your goals. We use your budget and negotiate the best way to market your product and set about action plans for achieving your goals.

What SEO Consultancy Services does Singapore SEO offer?

  • Basic elements and guidelines for Web Design and Development (including html and css) crucial for fast loading pages, search engine spidering and website usability (high conversion rates)
  • Technical SEO: Best practices for Server Set-Up - crucial for search engine spidering and link redirection
  • Programming language advice and guidelines - crucial for what language to use for what and why
  • Best practices for dynamic website development - crucial for website urls, search engine spidering
  • Information architecture and how your site should grow - crucial for users, search engine rankings, simplified maintenance
  • How to attract weblinks, naturally (real content), paid (text-links, webpages on other websites, paid article syndication, paid directory listings, buy websites), free (directory listings) or solicited (one way and reciprocal link requests).
  • How to structure your webpages for maximum search engine rankings and web standards (classic onpage seo)
  • How to launch your website, press releases, articles etc.
  • How to make money from website visitors
  • How to buy websites and acquire more website traffic
  • Strong knowledge of online marketing, especially SEM, ie. PPC, Paid inclusion

What is unique about our SEO services?

A unique marketing experience rarely matched in terms of return on investment, go to extra lengths to ensure you out rank and out convert your competition. love our work. Nothing pleases us more than achieving solid results for businesses that deserve to be ranking in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Internet & search engine marketing training

We aren't worried about training a competitor at all, should always know a little more (wouldn't be doing our job otherwise). So if you want to train your staff, your entire company, or yourself, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

What Is SEO?

SEO is far more than gathering visitors, it's the process of converting high value traffic and branding your website, both in web design and in web marketing. Quality link building, superior web development, keyword research, analysis and bold strategy are the most critical factors for SEO, or SEM success.

SEO & Domain Names Go Hand In Hand