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“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it” - Benjamin Franklin

The value of a good name is worth more than its weight in gold, which is why preserving your reputation is something that should be done by professionals, like Singapore SEO. Erasing negative content from the online world is more than just damage control. Done early and properly, it has the potential to free your business to soar to greater heights. We lift stumbling blocks like false charges while simultaneously growing your positive presence with online reputation management and online public relations.

Our mission is to protect your brand name, personal or corporate image from negative comments and respond to them as soon as possible. Damaging claims have the power to influence customers’ perception of your brand, personal or corporate image, and left unchecked, they can generate negative growth for your image, reputation, and integrity.

Can’t please everybody?

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While it is true that you cannot please everyone you come in contact with, what is more crucial is whether you are aware of what your customers, ex-employees, competitors, or the public are saying about you. You may not be able to control what they say, but you can definitely handle and respond to rumors and increase the presence of positive articles about you in the search engine.

In today’s knowledge-based society, the internet is central for news and information transfer, and you need to have your ears plugged in to online conversations about your brand. While the traditional strategy of creating and changing your company’s reputation by what you do is still important, what is more important now is learning what everyone says about your business. This is why managing your online reputation is of utmost importance today. That said, public perceptions of your reputation may not always be based on fact, but rather on opinion, conjecture, and the rumor mill.

Choose Online Reputation Management

As you probably know, there are millions who surf the web for information and news on personalities, places, and corporations. Research and studies through the internet have come to define consumer purchasing behavior. For example, search engines record that 83% of smart consumers study a brand or organization’s information online before making the final decision. Meanwhile, a total of 63% of internet users only read the first page of a search engine’s displayed results when researching a particular brand, corporation, or personality.

Unfortunately, reputation management is usually something that is left until it is too late. Online reputation management is more than just hindering bad publicity; it is a proactive way of ensuring your good name is secure and protected. With 20+ years of experience in internet marketing and online reputation management, we have successfully removed negative content for countless individuals, politicians, organizations, and product brand names.

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