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Updated: 16th July 2020

With the Virtual Moz conference on there has been a flurry of great links in the past few days. We collated a list of some interesting ones below and a few others that we found.

Attending conferences, even virtually, is difficult for Singaporeans and Asian/APAC time zones. As they are on the other side of the world to attend, so hopefully they release the sessions later on. Really has always been a US centric industry forever.

We hope someone does disrupt this with a truely global ‘inclusive’ conference with speakers in all time zones and ongoing access for networking. Then release a minified version cheaper for the rest of the world to catch up in the following days and weeks. We can see this space really shifting and adapting which will finally benefit the non-US based SEOS.

Some Old Achived News From 2007

Below is some really OLD news added it back online just for a snapshot of how things have changed and what it was like doing SEO consulting over 13 years ago!


Linkedin is really quite a well done 2.0 site. I cannot say I agree with the monitisation model but the site is a good example of what the Web 2.0 world can do.

Guy Kawasaki has written a good article about ways to use Linkedin.

2.0 Publisher Bashes SEO, Google & Threadwatch - OH THE IRONY

Ok, this one is actually kind of interesting. A lovely Publishing 2.0 guy named Scott Karp has been busy bashing SEO, and Google as well. Very funny considering SEO is top of the online marketing tree, and is actually far more publishing than any other media these days. Scott Karp has been slapped before (by none other than Natasha, that lovely girl from marketing :D), but obviously is not interested in the opinions of those that do the Google hard work. Knowledge is power, adapt or die.

Also I agree with what StuntDubl said in the first linked post, however Todd ignorance is no excuse, if he wasn't spouting Publishing 2.0 it would be far different.

Latest Developments

2007 has been a massive year so far and all systems are firing. With a good spread of projects across multiple industries we have launched over 10 new sites and are managing around 5 new campaigns.

Sony Online PR Stunt

Via Threadwatch, some interesting moves from Sony launching fake fan websites.

Sky and Google Alliance

British Sky Broadcasting (Sky), the UK's leading entertainment company, and Google today announced plans to work together in bringing ground-breaking web-based services to Sky's community of broadband internet customers.

British Sky Broadcasting, (39% owned by News Corp.) will deploy white label versions of Gmail and YouTube.

United Kingdom's digital pay-television giant offering an online video-sharing platform based on Google's popular YouTube platform. BSkyB will also allow be throwing a bone to Google's nascent Google Apps for Your Domain feature by branding Google's Gmail service for folks interested in signing up for email accounts.

Bitten by the Google Spider

A well constructed Forbes article on PPC arbitrage. Michael Gray, GrayWolf & Jeremy Schoemaker, Shoemoney are both quoted & misquoted.

Tactical Internet Marketing Articles

Some great tactical Internet marketing articles from a range of perspectives. Skim your way through these, some of them are really good.

Cool SEO Quote of the Week

This one came flew out a client's mouth at a meeting today. It was so good I made him write it down.

Anyone who's in the Yellow Pages and not spending money on SEO is a f(*^wit.

Internet Video; Turn Here Productions

They shoot the Internet Video then map into local geographic directories via Google Earth & some other stuff. The Google video directory is cool.

SEM budgets target direct sales over branding

According to SEMPO, organic search (SEO) is still the preferred way to spend marketing budget dollars, with 9 out of 10 senior managers either moderately or heavily involved in SEM.

Brand awareness as an objective has lost its top spot from last year, with only 53 percent of respondents seeing that as their prime reason to use SEM. Forty-eight percent cited lead generation.

But even as corporate advertisers shift their priorities, survey findings show that SEM no longer is taking dollars away from other marketing channels, SEMPO found. It has now gained credentials as part of the overall marketing mix.

Forty-two percent of those advertisers responding to date told SEMPO their SEM budget is a new allocation. Print budgets are losing most from this shift, the survey found.

Also, nine out of 10 senior management executives now claim they are very involved or moderately involved in SEM programs. This is a huge jump from last year, when less than half surveyed said they were very involved.

Business still has quite some room to go towards SEO/SEM. There are also many elements in SEO that include branding not commonly considered. A good example might be running a PPC campaign at No.1 in PPC while maintaining the No.1 rank in the organic index (left hand side search results). Another would be ranking your website on the short tail (more the research phase of the online buying cycle). Certain sites gain a lot of credibility when ranking for 'place name' searches, especially in the travel and tourism market!

Link Bait or Link Trolling

You have to wonder about the different link profile each type leaves behind. Yeah, trolling is effective. But what about the skewed link count from trolling being stronger and the effect on the search algorithm? As Troll Bait links are mostly negative or neutral votes (technically) it's not really fair they be considered equal in the eyes of a search engine. If a review is negative enough, perhaps a link should count as a negative vote?

It will be interesting to see how the engines will respond to Link Trolling and if (how!) to downplay it in the algo!

Happy Client Story - SEO Case Study

It's great when you have a keen client that's watching a site harder than you. I got a call from a client this morning - "My site was down almost the entire day yesterday and we still did 600 unique's", "we're ranking everywhere on Google". Naturally I was very pleased, maybe not quite as pleased as my client, but it's great work on his behalf. This client has worked very hard, heeding my advice at every turn.

Singapore SEO have optimised everything from scratch, working with an existing CMS we worked with his web developer to make SEO modifications to the site to get it ranking. we hand built links to the site from numerous locations, quality links with relevant traffic. The site practically owns MSN and Google now, not bad for a 3 month campaign.

It is a very competitive niche and the top PPC price for the main search term runs at over A$7.50 per click. So looks like an amazing result all round.

The site is doing around 500 uniques daily with a very healthy enquiry rate!

Singapore SEO also optimised a second website targeting a very competitive sub-niche of the original site. Ranking at No.1 for the generic name of this product in MSN has been great business.

My client has changed his entire business since working with us. we were asked politely to slow down a few times (due to enquiry rate). It has changed his entire business. Having to deal with such an influx of new orders highlighted small flaws in his business processes which are now saving him time and money. Interstate enquiry was only around 2-3 per week and his business was largely focused on Brisbane and Queensland. we expanded this footprint significally and they now recieve business from around the World, majourity from Interstate.

Needless to say I have a very happy client!

So here's to 2007, and working with your clients to turn their business into a market leader!

So many thanks to this client for the hard work and unwavering faith!

Well done team :D

Enter Phase Two!

Launch 22 sub niche sites filled with search friendly product pages and categories. we have built an in house CMS to manage the entire 22 domain project.

Every domain will be connected and totally unique with search friendly url's .html extensions and full CMS capability with totally customized blocks and menu's. Every step has been optimised to allow for greater site usage (current site runs at about 14-16 page views per visit within Australia) and totally search engine optimised.

Internet Marketing Tools & Channels

blogs, email newsletters, flash based tutorials, viral marketing, articles, podcasts, social media, affiliate programs, banner advertising, search engines (organic, ppc, trusted feeds), news sites, links, wikis, directories

Online video 'eroding TV viewing' - First Newspapers, Now TV

This works for me, if 80% od the market in Australia use Google, how will tomorrow's adults find their media? Answer: Search Engines, namely Google! This is why Google bought YouTube!

Online video 'eroding TV viewing'

The online video boom is starting to eat into TV viewing time, an ICM survey of 2,070 people for the BBC suggests.

Some 43% of Britons who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result.

It's all moving fast now, I hope your company is getting geared up for Web 2.0 and the big players in TV and News can keep up. I hope they have good online marketing managers and some decent inhouse staff directed by a third party SEO consultant studies Internet Marketing like the back of their hand. I seriously doubt they do and will rely on other means (more to follow there when I can talk about it :D)..

Client vs SEO

John Andrews always comes out with excellent comments on seo issues. A good read for business owners working with SEO's.

Online Marketing Links

I will start posting a few basic run throughs in my blog and you can follow the links from here. I will cover everything from PPC, to SEO, SEM, Internet marketing, blogging, social media, and all other crap. Exactly what you want and a snapshot of now. Starting at the overview level then deeper.

Online Marketing

return traffic basically = cleaning up the site's design, copy and information architecture (1 2).

online presence = traffic = links, banners, pay per click

links = blogs, website's, forums, podcasts, video (embedded or otherwise), social networks, press releases and articles.

Blogging: is good for blog stuff search news and 2.0 stuff with all major internet happenings and a very small amount of tech news some cool articles on mainly search, with some good primers, ie.

Newcomers Guide

Beginners guide to web promotion filter the seo stuff out, some cool 2.0 stuff

Start a really structured set of bookmark folders for these links and be sure to filter your bookmarks very well. If you don't the links will stack up and become easily lost.

Yahoo in Partnership with US Newspapers

Similar to the Google deals of recent, Yahoo has started a partnership with US newspapers.

Press & PR, Tips and Tricks

An interesting transcript of PubCon Vegas 06 with some very good points, especially toward the bottom of the page :)

Some Press Release & Linking Tips from Gregg Jarboe Via Dan Zarrella

90% of journalists they're looking for visuals, add images. 41% of journalists say visuals could dictate their content. Post video to youtube, add multimedia, podcasts, video. Release to Canada and the UK journalists want to be loved, prefer crevice majority of information via email. only 4% of journalists will admit to using press release.

email it to them before you put it on the wire.

pitch anchors to CNN and human editors of yahoo news. yahoo news editors are lonely people, pitch them.

Matt Cutts says main benefit is not in pagerank of links in press release. the links from sources that pick up your story do count.

Who gives links? Blogs. pitch Huffington Post and boing boing. even the a-list can be pitched (ahead of time) over 1700 news stores and over 390 blog posts were generated. Generated record traffic to the CSM site.

The top 2 sources of traffic were cnn and yahoo news. 10% of the traffic came from canda and the UK. The huffington post generated 3.4 times more unique visitors to the CSM site than ABC news.

  • begging researching key blogs in your niche
  • original and unique content
  • pages designed for humans
  • hyperlinks intended to help people find interesting related content
  • Graphics

Building Links Naturally

If you are buying links you are facing many potential search filters, especially with Google Algorithm. Establish how many links you can build over time using a simple equation.

Site Maps

All three major Search Engines (Google, MSN & Yahoo!) all support the Site Map protocol. This the first real collaboration we have seen from all three engines.

Google Click to Call

This is very cool, easily the best feature AdWords has ever added.

Downsides to click to call:

  • high cost per click
  • part-time branding (if it's turned off competition gets the jump)
  • click fraud is always increasing
  • advertising not marketing

Superior Minds

It's rare I disagree with Bill Slawski! He is well ahead of the curve with regards to what Google are up to. Check his blog post on Google by Phone and you'll see where Goog are headed and why. Google are becoming very powerful and totally on track to actually organise the world's information (you'll see :).

I am currently in the process of setting up a few friends with blogs and voice recognition software as yet another side project. One should be good it will cover all the Media on You Tube that traditional media shun. I will post the url once it's up to speed.


I think I need to start attending Domain Name Addicts Anonymous. I have been buying so many lately and finding so many more it's crazy. I LOVE DOMAINS - Always have, always will.

For those of you that don't read WMW, you probably should, keep an eye out for Jeff (Web Work)'s posts, they are true gold. Thanks for the ideas Jeff!

Sydney FX Blog

A great blog with some good SEO information from Robert Mirabito. Tithe info in the SEO section is right on the money, couldn't agree more on most of the posts, especially the one about seo consulting and telling companies their new web sites need redesigning or coding.

Australian Search Marketing Statistics

An interesting read about search engine marketing. 4 in 10 dollars spent on Online Marketing goes to Search Marketing. Not much mention of Search Engine Optimisation which is undoubtedly the pivotal driving force behind any successful online marketing campaign, or as Australian IT have stated in the past "top of online marketing tree".

It's great to see Australian IT covering the market but I really wonder why everyone thinks Search Marketing is Pay Per Click and a lot of the terminology is slightly incorrect and very confusing. I have worked in the Industry almost since it's conception and I am confused by the article. I don't think the author really know's the space that well, but cool to see none the less.

Google Video Australia

Google Video has come to Australia, some are on board already. Interesting how Australian media reacted, if you can't beat them, join them. Best part is Google have released a Video AdWords for displaying ads on videos. we wonder if Google will launch Google Video AdSense (so contributors get paid for clicks from their videos) as proposed for You Tube.

Google 2.0 Mash up of all mash up's?

It appears Google may be moving fast on this one. Once they get a little more localised data look for the ultimate Web 2.0 Mash Up combining Google Search, Google News, Google Earth, Google Videos, Google base and all other related services. Basically the ultimate community portal as your homepage, with everything at your finger tips, including classified and an area to control your offline advertising. To launch the service Google will partner with local newspapers and radio stations to extend their advertising network and brand's reach.

Signs of a paid user generated Google portal?

Combining their AdSense network and users generating content for a percentage of advertising derived from their content adverts things could get interesting indeed. Google's true intentions are to be revealed here, will the game the commerce system they created? Or will they continue to just sort the worlds information?

SEO Copywriting

A very good blog full of very relevant SEO information from the most relevant angle - the copy.

A Little Internet Marketing & Light SEO Reading

Internet Marketing articles from some areas I don't normally read, but they offer a good breakdown of search engine marketing and SEO. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimization Basics Part 1 - Keywords

Search Engine Optimization Basics Part 2 - Title Tags

Search Engine Optimization Basics Part 3 - Meta Tags

Search Engine Optimization Basics Part 4 - Submissions

Offline Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. Which Do You Choose?

Link Building for Top Search Engine Placement

11 Guidelines for Working Web sites

Links Are Good for Business

7 Tips for Generating Effective Web Content

Ingredients of a Search Engine Friendly Site

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer

Before Launching Your SEO Campaign

Dialogue with your Web Visitors through smarter writing styles

Web Site Check-Up in 10 Easy Steps

The Number One Rule of Pay-Per-Click

Search Engine Submission Services Are a Scam

Professional SEO: Hand Off to Bob or Outsource the Job?

The Continual Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Part 1

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Part 2

Keyword Strategies - The Long Tail

Selecting a Web Host Provider: Part 1

Selecting a Web Host Provider: Part 2

Selecting a Web Host Provider: Part 3

Readers Concerned about SEO Ethics

What's so Special About Search Marketing???

Search Engine Optimization: Snake Oil or Science?

Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce Sites

Preaching to the Converted

Outsource SEO vs. In-house SEO

Danny Sullivan Keynote

Search marketing is different than branding. It’s about putting your message in front of people who are explicitly looking for your products. Search allows you to instantly find answers that immediately satisfy your desire. Search is a reverse broadcast medium. Traditional advertising was about putting your ads in front of millions of people who probably didn't want to see your message.

Desire marketing is about listening to what the people say they are looking for and tuning into that. It’s much more efficient and not wasteful. The closest comparison is yellow pages. Success depends on identifying the new broadcast channels.

Search engines are expanding into other non search and pull advertisers into the marketers. This will transition people from search marketers into metrics marketers. It’s good for business as it you can get efficiency from looking at your ROI. It’s going to expand into other devices. Search is not just about an auction, or taking print ads and re purposing them for the internet. It’s about expressing your desire and that desire being fulfilled.

Danny is also starting up Search Engine Land launching December 11th .

Big Daddy

Everyone was wining, pages were dropping like flies and you know what? The white SERP's became cleaner. I posted the above around the Big Daddy update, still applies to this day.

Times are a Changing

I remember when I was a small boy and had lot's of knives, this take the Swiss Army to a new level. Very Cool if only it was cheaper and a larger storage capacity.

Ted Leonsis

Vice Chairman of AOL thinks he know's the Google Algo backwards by ranking for his own name with a blog. Best of luck out there mate!

Sillyness from Gray hat news

I got sites, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control
Cause the rankings you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'

You better shape up, cause I need good ranks,
and my backlinks are all from you

You better shape up, you better understand,
all my rankings must be true
Nothing less, nothing less is gonna do

Its number one that I want
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ooh ooh ooh, money
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oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

My site's filled with good content,
Your users want you to convey
so send some link love my direction, blog your way

I better shape up,
cause you need to rank
(Yes I need a rank),
Which can keep you satisfied

I better shape up, if I'm gonna prove
(You better prove), that my positions justified
Are you sure?
Yes I'm sure down deep inside

[chorus repeats out]
Its number one that I want
(it's number one I want), ooh ooh ooh, money
Number one that I want (its number one I want),
ooh ooh ooh, money
Number one that I want (its number one I want),
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oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

Matt Cutts hit's the UK

Mr Naylor is testing a theory that you can 301 domains out of the MSN live index as was done with Fingers crossed it works.

Bathrober and Underpanter Hygene Class

Are you a grubby SEO working from home? GHN has some great tips for keeping those choppers clean and smelling rosy.

Sitemaps Aren't for Ranking!

Nothing special just an example of client naivety from DaveN

Ok.. question…

Is it true that the big 4 search engines are all link based, this means that for a page to do well in a Search Engine it needs 2 things .. internal links and external links ?

So that in mind if a Search Engine can’t find a page on your site, would it not be better to go get a link or two and point it to that page, that way we know the SE has found your site by a method which it values !

I have seen too often recently, people using XML sitemaps to get pages indexed and then they just never rank, then they ask me why these pages don't rank..

So I have to say well what pages did the search engine find to give relevancy too, if the answer is, “I don't we use a XML sitemaps”, then how the hell do you expect me to improve what pages rank if we don't know what pages the SE found the natural way.

In the Search Engines eyes it looks like a standalone page, an island, a doorway page. Bad internal linkage should never be a reason to use an XML sitemap, if you have indexing problems don't make it worse by hiding the problem.

I would rather have 10 pages indexed from a 1000 page site than 1000 pages included in a index because of an XML sitemap, IMO XML sitemaps are a quick route to supplemental hell. Make your SEO's life easier and don't use an XML sitemap.

If the engine's can't access your information already your doing something wrong.