Professional Link Building Advice

Creative link building is fast becoming one of the best ways to promote your site, find out how to master the strategy to get your linking strategy up & running. Do you have an online marketing budget? Is part of your online marketing budget allocated to acquiring links? It needs to be!

Creative link building is key!

In an ultimate world every website would have such good content that finding link would not be hard. Unfortunately the web is not very mature in areas and it’s up to website owners to shape the web around them to achieve search engine rankings.

Why are links important?

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing use links as a major criteria to ranking
  • Links say a lot about your website, and how active it is online
  • Want more traffic? You cannot do so without links

Links=Traffic, maybe even better quality traffic than you can garner from a search engine, or yourself! After all, PPC (Google AdWords et al) are all rented links, you just pay per click. Link buying need not be so controversial and you can see why Google is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst the webmaster community about buying and selling links.

Links are how the web works, has always worked, and will always work. Forget what Google wants to tell you, they have a vested interest in misleading you, they will sell you links however - if you pay, per click!

The basics of link building

  • Internal (important for the Bing, site usability, use natural language your searchers your searchers would use)
  • list different types of internal links (ROS, sidebars, headers, footers)
  • Outbound (good for Bing and website visitors)
  • List different types of outbound links
  • Inbound (how to rank in Google)
  • List different types of inbound links (ROS, Paid, Directory, Blogroll, Links page, Embedded in content, footer links, reciprocal link directories, tags)
  • Vary anchor text
  • Mix it up but keep themes running through your keywords
  • Use regional ‘place name‘ variations where possible, ie. Bris, Brisbane, Brissy, Au, Aust, Australia, Oz, etc. Accom, Accommodation
  • Link from a range of different sites: .sg/.com/.edu/.gov
  • Local sites related via sites in same industry, review sites, directories, blogs, news sites, news wire sites, forums, wikis, classifieds, library sites, university pages, personal pages, photo galleries etc.
  • Don't focus on Page Rank or DR, focus on traffic (use PR/DR, but look deeper)
  • Use the full range of link building techniques to your advantage (PR, Paid Reviews, Articles, etc.)
  • Deeplink your website
  • Criteria for Judging Paid Links
  • Page indexed in Google?
  • Quality & Amount of links to the page
  • Authourity of the domain
  • Traffic, Age, Trust
  • Number of links on webpage
  • PR of webpage (note: ignore PR)
  • An easy way to find paid links (use a search term as an example)
  • Use top 50 in Google, Bing and Yahoo to evaluate who has the traffic and is a suitable linking partner (are there any local directories you can list in, what else?)
  • Basically set out to get your link on every website in your desired serps
  • Calling is better than emailing and always be polite and complement them where possible
  • Approach neutrally, don't always ask for a paid link, try and negotiate a free one first
  • How many links how fast? Ascertain a simple formula for maximum rate to build links
  • A simple linking strategy is creative
  • Every domain is different
  • Use your USP to create a long term strategy

Increase your exposure by allocating part of your online marketing budget to link building. How to organise your links, networking offline can be a good way to find links, turn reciprocal links into an oppourtunity to get a link from another page or the homepage.

Start a competition or discount for customers that give you a link off there homepage. Data mine existing customer contacts and friends to request links. Apply to Yahoo, DMOZ, and other highly relevant directories. Interview web people, write articles, start a blog and explore what people are blogging about.

Find out where the best traffic is and get your link on that page. Don't be afraid to mix it up and use images, banners etc for links. If you go after a banner link try and get a natural link and include a irrelevant Keyword in there to your domain. If you can draw from the domain you are linking from's theme and find a common ground for the link topic do it. ie. Linking to a Whitsunday and Great Barrier Reef website from a Qld site I would try to use the work Qld in the link.

Other Linking Ideas

  • Start an online competition
  • Start an affiliate plan and use the affiliate link popularity to target certain phrases (leaving the others for the affiliates)
  • Start a news site about your niche, an awards site, a blog, a forum or a wiki
  • Buy other website's with links (make sure the links are relevant)

If you are not creative enough, or can’t think up a good scheme, employ a professional to create a link building plan for your website. PR and real world contacts can be very handy to acquire quality links you would not otherwise get exposure to.

Link Building Summary

  • Link building increases traffic and SE Rankings
  • Link build for the right website's using the right anchor text and you will get excellent search engine rankings
  • Link building can increase you business exposure in new ways; (merchants might approach you with better deals on your existing product, offers to sell new products and other oppourtunities, ie. trade journals, newsletters)
  • You need a link building plan
  • Your website will be crawled more frequently, more content will be included in the index as rank passes through your website

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