Ben Wilks Interviewed by Ed Keay-Smith

Domain Names, SEO Consulting & Tips

On this episode of Domain Names Podcast I talk with my mate Ben Wilks, Domainer & SEO Guru! Now I do not use the word GURU very lightly as it gets used a great deal where it shouldn’t be, but in Ben’s case it would be an understatement if anything.

Ben has been working in SEO & Web Publishing since his mid teens (he turns 30 this year) so for 15 years or half his life. Now I know for a fact that Ben would more than likely be cringing when I use the word “Guru” as it is something he would never say about himself.

So in this podcast we mainly talk about SEO and its relationship to domain names and cover some of the important facts relating to SEO. Ben has only one client and is not actively looking for more, he uses his talents these days to work on his own domain development projects rather than having to deal with clients.

But as he you will hear in the podcast, if you are very very very!!!! serious about an SEO project he is happy to talk turkey with you.

During the podcast we mentioned a very good SEO Tutorial website Called Hobo Web.

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