SEO & Internet Marketing Interviews

This is an interview series from 2006 that was originally published on my personal website, I have moved the series here and you can also see the other SEO interviews below.

Todd Malicoat, Solo Search Marketing Consultant and all round nice guy answers some questions on doing business as a Solo SEO consultant vs working in / with a large SEO/SEM firm, ClickStream Data, Conference Speaking, some Algorithmic Hints. Also a little more about the Todd Malicoat behind the SEO consultant known as Stuntdubl.

Todd was the first cab off the rank and was even kind enough to mark-up my first interview into html. I am not sure if it's because he's a link pimp, or I got the format wrong, but thanks Todd!

Bill Slawski is one of the most generous guys in Search. If not posting over at cre8, he's breaking down complex search patents for the masses. With an amazing ability to get straight to the point of what people are asking, Bill is one of the greatest assets to the search community.

Dan Kramer Moderator of the Cloaking Forum at WebmasterWorld, Dan answers some questions on some of the darker, more unknown areas of SEO and Content Delivery.

Dan had recently headed back to University and answers some questions on his new direction and what makes him tick. Also some fantastic cloaking hints and ways to structure your blackhat and whitehat networks. Even though this is mostly blackhat based, the cloaking tips totally apply to regular SEO, especially if you're into aggressive optimisation techniques.

So even if you're a total white hat, check out Dan's Kloak It script, you might just find that the added functionality is exactly what you wanted and you will never look back! It a bit of a no-brainer considering most of the Web's top 300 sites all cloak as do Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Ben Wilks Independent SEO consultant, domainer and affiliate marketer, Ben is interviewed by Ed Keay-Smith on the domain names podcast. This podcast interview was recorded in 2009.