Domain Names, What's In A Name?

TL;DR -> Everything!

Domain names have always been important, but they are becoming even more important. As the intersection of branding and the internet, success here makes the competition obsolete.

Each domain name is unique and it's value is reflected in this. Branding, the image evoked and brand equity of commonly used terms has great value. Also .com is still the king and unless you are only serving one local market where a ccTLD (ie. or .sg) domain will be adequate, you really limit your options and some email and traffic will always leak out to the .com, so beware of this and it can restrict business expansion as well, predicted or otherwise.

It's a complex and multifaceted topic that has confused some even industry experts. Believe it or not, most traditional marketing and advertising agencies, digital agencies and even SEO companies don't fully understand how complex domain names are within their simplicity.

The internet works based on keywords. Yes there are brand keywords that are expensive to build with branding and extensive marketing, but due to the nature of trademarking and branding, a company was rarely built and branded as a generic name. Ironically this thinking has been completely turned on its head and important generic domain names are now the most expensive assets on the internet. Luckily they are still heavily misunderstood.

Match The Domain Name To The Market

You can have a brand globally as a .com and naturally this is great if your business is world wide. You can also have national, state and local brands and all can be very effective. It all depends on the scope and market of your business.

Domain Name Usage Examples

The strategy for a plumber in Singapore ( will be far different to a new bank launching a nationwide campaign (

You can also have it both ways and start a business local and scale up over time. For example or

Then you have all sorts of new 'right of the dot' domain extensions, that haven't really taken off as well as expected. Mainly because these namespaces are new and .com has had trillions of dollars in branding and customers expect .sg shopping in Singapore or maybe an authoritative descriptive .com instead.

Dot com remains supreme and ccTLD's as well depending upon the search and desired product or service! Always invest in the best domain name available and if you buy right you will always have resale value. Good domain names appreciate in value.

What are the main benefits to a good domain name?

Positioning – Your brand vs the competition
Marketing – the quality of your online marketing
Branding – what does your brand say about your business
Email security – are you sending your competition email?
SEO – the attractiveness of your site to gaining links and authourity
Expansion – does your domain allow for growth & strategic realignments

Ways domains impact SEO positively

  • Branding
  • Communicate leadership positioning
  • Conversion
  • Link building
  • Building trust
  • Email
  • Ease of sharing
  • Avoiding confusion with other brands
  • Connecting with consumer intent

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